Even with technological, material and manufacturing advances, thousands upon thousands of Americans are seriously injured in motor vehicle accidents each year. From distracted driving and drunk driving to tire blowouts and faulty mechanical systems, drivers must worry about dangerous collisions during every trip.

While numerous advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS) such as collision detection and lane departure warnings can make a vehicle’s electronic “brain” a participant in its own safety, there are five factors that can contribute to a car’s overall danger.

  • Greater weight: The common thinking is that a heavier car also means a safer car. While it might be safer for the vehicle occupants, what does it mean when a heavier car strikes a lighter car? With a distracted driver behind the wheel of a 3,500-pound Honda, what happens when that car hits a 700-pound smartcar? The disparity in weight of modern vehicles can be astonishing.
  • Greater power: Part of the weight increase can be attributed to bigger engines. Additionally, with added technical efficiency, many modern cars have a higher power-to-weight ratio. Faster cars driven by inattentive, reckless or distracted drivers simply means that collisions can occur more often.
  • Dark windows: Drivers throughout Texas know all too well about the danger of the sun’s rays on a driver’s field of vision. Unfortunately, the best solution isn’t always the safest one. A deep tint can be beneficial to the driver of the vehicle, but it can turn the car into a huge opaque obstacle on the road for others. Bikers, pedestrians or other drivers have lost the ability to see through the vehicle out the other side to gauge any dangers.
  • Reduced visibility: It has been a historical battle to find a solution. Engineers attempt to strengthen a vehicle by increasing its supports. Unfortunately, these supports can reduce visibility out the side windows and back into the blind spot.
  • Distractions: While there are no shortages of driver distractions (eating, personal grooming, reading, etc.), the instrument panels of most modern vehicles have become distractions in their own right. Whether drivers face a windshield HUD or a detailed dashboard GPS, the car itself overs countless opportunities to pull attention from the safe operation of the vehicle.

If you were injured in a motor vehicle accident, it is wise to seek legal representation. Based on numerous factors, you might be entitled to recover monetary damages for lost wages, medial bills and property damage.