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Experience In The Insurance Industry

Before starting my law firm, I spent 11 years defending insurance companies and the irresponsible drivers who cause auto accidents. I know the strategies used by the insurance industry. By focusing on the important evidence that makes claims adjusters pay attention, I recover the compensation my clients deserve.

Clayton Walker Morgan Law represents victims of all types of accidents including:

What To Do Before You Leave The Accident Scene

Any time you are in an accident you should immediately start documenting the event – witnesses and evidence can disappear quickly. Try to document the accident scene and do the following things:

  • Take photos of the accident scene.
  • Take photos of all vehicles involved in the collision.
  • Get a copy of the police report.
  • Get the names and phone numbers of witnesses.
  • Get a business card from the peace officer.

Collecting evidence at the time of the accident greatly improves your chances of winning a claim. For more information about automobile accidents, visit our car accident FAQ page.

Don’t Sign A Release Until You Talk To A Lawyer

The insurance company is usually very prompt in responding after an accident. When you miss time at work and you start seeing medical expenses pile up, it’s tempting to accept the insurance company’s first offer and start paying bills. The claims adjuster will encourage you to agree as quickly as possible, but you should never sign anything until first speaking with a lawyer.

I have found that many of my clients have Personal Injury Protection (PIP) coverage on their car insurance and are not aware of it. PIP coverage pays medical bills and covers up to 80% of lost income. Texas law does not require PIP coverage, but insurance companies are required to offer it. If you decline PIP coverage, you must sign a rejection form and the insurance company must produce the signed rejection form to deny you PIP benefits.

Even if you don’t have PIP coverage, there are other ways to deal with financial pressures. I can help you get a fair settlement and deal with the insurance company so you can focus on healing.

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